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Meet Sissy. (thats what I call her) She’s my right hand gal. She knows everything about the products It Works Global carries. One smart cookie, I tell you! I cannot go a day without her. 24 hours 7 days a week, right there available to me (and you). If I am curious about How to use that Crazy Wrap Thing or the best supplements for weight loss or what the best moisturizer is for my skin type. She has all the answers. I am so proud to have her on my team. If you’d like to meet her you are just one click away.

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Click if you have a Question

Madra Jones says:

Barbara. Passwords are our security, no one knows or should ever have your password. You can reset your password on the homepage of your eSuite. CLick FORGOT PASSWORD where you login or yes call customer service and they can reset it for you.