Crazy Wrap Thing!

What is this Crazy Skinny Wrap Thing people are talking about?  It’s our It Works body contouring skinny wrap with a catchy name. They call it crazy because people think we’re crazy when we say IT WORKS, until they try it!

How does it work you ask? The wrap is infused with an all natural botanical cream. The cream gives nutrients to your skin that it is lacking.  Once absorbed, it works to tighten, tone, and firm ANYWHERE it is applied. All of this happens in as little as 45 minutes, although you can leave the wrap on longer if you want to. Since your body is absorbing this cream that is tightening your skin, it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Hydration is key with this wrap. It is not water weight that you lose, the results are instant and permanently progressive. You just have to use it for it to work! HaHa!  

How do you apply  the wrap? It’s simple, so easy and designed to use at home. (that’s why guys love it) The wrap comes pre-packaged in a box of four. Take one wrap out of the package and apply the side with cream on it your stomach, thighs, arms, or even chin and neck! Once you apply the wrap where you want it, rub all of the air bubbles out between your skin and the wrap; this helps the cream that is on the wrap to make better contact with your skin. Once you have done this, just use saran wrap, ace bandage or a tight fitting garment to secure the wrap in place. Now relax, run errands, or anything else you would like to do for at least 45 minutes. It’s so versatile. You can do almost anything while wearing it, which is even better because you don’t have to come up with extra time out of your busy schedule to skinny wrap.

What to expect?  You will see tighter, firmer more toned looking skin many see a reduction in cellulite and stretch marks too. Remember a full treatment is the box of 4, wrapping the same area at least once a week. One box will last you a month. If you don’t see the results you had hoped for, it’s okay! You cannot expect to have your desired look in 45 minutes but this is a great start  and you are well on your way to contouring your troubled area. Remember to drink water while wrapped and also over the next 72 hours as it continues to work that long even after you take it off. The more you wrap, the better your results will get. Add the Defining Gel for optimal results or consider our Fat Fighters. WE LOVE THOSE THINGS!

How much are they? $25 dollars per wrap if you purchase direct from a distributor. Although, there are other options that save you a ton of money!! You can purchase a box of four from the online store 2 different ways. As a retail customer a box of 4 is $99, OR you can check out as a wholesale loyal customer and get a box of four wraps for Only $59!

Can I sell the Skinny Wraps? Yes! We are expanding and looking for distributors nationwide. The enrollment fee is only $99. and includes your business builder kit, marketing supplies, free training, and FOUR wraps. Earn monthly commissions from your online wrap sales. Have Skinny Wrap Parties and earn CASH instantly when your guests wrap. Earn bonuses when you get your friends to sell with you! becoming a distributor.

So there is the scoop on this crazy wrap thing, because it’s definitely taking over!! We love this wrap and all the other health and weight loss supplements. Do you?? Tell us know your favorite. (my favorite happens to be the SKINNY PACK

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YES Lynette! we have facial applicators designed for firming the face :)