Skinny Body Wraps

Skinny Body Wraps

Discover the Secret Men and Women have used to help Contour their Body.

 * Do Skinny Wraps Work? Our wraps can Firm, Tone, Tighten in less than 45 minutes. *

9 out of 10 people see visible results after their first wrap!! Firming and Toning results can last 2-6 months, however a full treatment is a box of 4 those results can be progressive!

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Whatever you call it, the Skinny Wrap, that Crazy Wrap thing, or the Ultimate Body Applicator. TRY IT! You may not think you need it, but everyone wants it. Body Contouring Wrap.

Our powerful, botanically based, all natural, beauty formula can deliver maximum tightening, contouring, hydrating, toning and firming to the look of the skin. The ingredients promote optimal skin health, skin nutrition, NOT water weight loss. In fact we want you to DRINK WATER while wrapped. Hydration is key. This is NOT a weight loss wrap, however your jeans may  fit better. If you are wanting to shed a few extra pounds, you can wrap and use our Fat Fighter supplement. *

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BOX of 4 for $59

Our Body Wrap is a non-woven cloth can be applied to any area of your body (neck down). One size fits all. Place it on your area of concern. the Skinny Body Wrap stands out, as the world’s first to market body toning and contour wrap in the world. Used by the Hollywood elite and athletes for years. This is more than your ordinary beauty product.

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Wraps are sold in a box of 4 for $59 which is considered a full treatment. Choose the area on your body that you hate the most. Use one wrap for that area, wear it a minimum of 45 minutes up to a few hours. Wear no more than 2 wraps at a time. More is not better. Drink a bottle of water for optimal hydration while wrapped. An all natural cream is already infused on the wrap. The idea is for the cream to penetrate the skin. Do not exercise while wrapped, we do not want you to sweat the ingredient off. The idea is for the cream to penetrate the skin. Once you remove the wrap, massage any remaining cream into your skin. Your results can keep getting better over the next 72 hours since the cream will continue to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin for 72 hours after the wrap is removed. Results from one wrap can last 2-6 months depending on your lifestyle and eating and drinking habits. Wrap the same area AGAIN once a week. Until you have used all 4 wraps. Your box of wraps will last a month. Results from a full treatment of 4 wraps are permanently progressive. There is nothing special you have to do, just wrap and go about your day. The wrap works all on its own. Try It.  *


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Can Firm, Tone and Tighten any Flabby area. May Reduce Cellulite Stretch Marks. Many Have Slimming Contouring Results, Instantly! *

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Order the #1 Selling Skinny Wrap.

It Works Body Wrap our Ultimate Body Applicator.

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Lorraine says:

I need to know pricing on the skinny wrap. It sounds really good but i need to know if its within my budget. Please send me more information. Thank You.

Madra Jones says:

Hey Lorraine! The wraps can be purchased online 2 ways. Here is the direct link details, pricing and how to order:
Thanks for your question. Madra

Kirstin Vazquez says:

can you re-use the wrap?? For how long you leave the remaining lotion in your body and can you workout after showering??

Madra Jones says:

Hey Kirstin! The wraps are to be used once. Worn for a minimum of 45 minutes. Any remaining cream on the skin after removal needs to be massaged into the skin, NOT washed off. Their wrap will continue to work for 72 hours after removed. We ask that you do not exercise while you are wrapped or immediately after. The cream needs to penetrate the skin for optimal results. We do not want you to “sweat” it off. :)

Latoya E says:

Howdy, this is a good write-up. You get my vote for this and also I will bookmark this website now.

Madra Jones says:

thank you so much LaToya!

Madra Jones says:

Yes. there is a facial applicator and my favorite skin care product is the LIFTING lip and eye cream, that I use twice a day all over my face. LOVEIT

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