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90 Day Makeover Results

admin says:

This was a lot of fun. We look forward to doing it again. Thank you all for participating!

Lisa Wiles says:

I would wear it while playing a round of frisbee golf or hiking! Might as well exercise simultaneously to get the full result!

Robin says:

I would play hide and seek with my 6 and 2 year old.

Ashley Crawford says:

my 45 mins. I will be either chasing or doing the wobble with my kids. But mostly chasing my 9 month and 4 year old around the house playing :)

Ashley ratliff says:

With my 45 minutes I would turn on some toddler tunes and dance and shake it with my 19 month old and 5 month old daughters :)

Jennifer Sebastian says:

In 45 minutes I would be able to clean, play hide and seek with my munchkins, and cook a delicious meal. Also might be able to catch my hubby coming home from a days long of work and be able to get a teddy bear hug and a smooooch from him :) this is a normal day for me lol. I’ve never tried the wrap before, but always wanted to. I’ve got the horrible stretch marks that look like scars and my tummy is just flabby and wrinkly. Let this muffin top disappear, I want to get my skinny on!!

Nikita says:

I would wear the wrap well playing and running around with all the dogs in my doggie daycare!

Kandis Lee says:

Next time I wrap, im going to put my three kids to bed, take a hot shower, wrap myself and get my studying on for my last exam on the 8th of October. :)

Shelly Krech says:

I would research salons around my city to blitz and map it out.

Brittany Austin says:

In my 45 minutes I will paint a picture of the new & improved me!

Amelia Watring says:

I fold all of our laundry so at the end of my 45 min I can enjoy my results AND no more piles of clothes on the couch!

natalie says:

I would wrap myself and put my 4 month old little girl in a stroller and take my 3 year old son on a walk/ bike ride. While i get my skinny on, my son gets his exercise as well! And we could enjoy the fall weather together! :)

deidra dyson says:

i am going to drink lots of water, then go rake leaves, do laundry, play with my toddler, cook supper, dishes and mop the floor while waiting for my awesome results :)

Sheila Fow says:

Well I have only wrapped once because I just signed up but with my first and only wrap, I drank water and posted on facebook that I was getting my skinny on and you can too just ask me how!!

Jordan Brummet says:

In my 45 mins I would play with my son and go for a walk with him.

Yamile Rodriguez says:

Since I am a single mommy of 3 boys, they know this is my “me time” when i wrap, and I want my wrap to stay in place…so since I’m always at there beck and call they take turns bringing me water lol! I love my “me time” and my boys!

marissa says:

I do Zuma during the 45mins and get skinny

Tasha Dixon says:

In 45 minutes I can sit, nurse my baby while reading a story to my 2 year old, change my sheets, start a load of laundry and then do the dishes.

Julie Nivison says:

I would grab my water, my laptop and relax from my hectic day at work ! <3 my "spa" time ! 😉 <3

Meghan says:

I would put my son down for a nap, drink lots of water, and pray for it work on my c section tummy troubles!!

Brittany Faire says:

In 45 minutes, I can enjoy some quality time with just my two boys, either coloring at the kitchen table or dancing around the kitchen singing Lady Antebellum songs at the top of our lungs!!

Christina LaBrasseur says:

I would put a wrap on my baby belly of 4 beautiful kids, LOCK myself in the bathroom, sit in an empty bathtub drinking lots of water by candle light….pay 😉 my husband later to keep the kids away for just 45 mins of quite … ahhh the simple things in life!!!

nikita romo says:

in 45 minutes I would walk my dog do some laundry…. and dance around my house! all well getting my skinny on :)

Marla Aguayo says:

for the hour I have my wrap on, I send IT Works follow up emails and make follow up calls. When they ask… Hi Marla, what are you doing? …. Wrapping :)

Venessa says:

I will wrap myself up in the middle of our coffee shop and show people what this ‘crazy little wrap thing’ is really like! Lol

Caitlyn DeBoer says:

While waiting I’d study study study and wait for tummy to finally shrink away 😀

Kayla Wallace says:

I will drink water water water and go pee pee pee an try to relax myself while a wait on the results from the wrap on my c-sectioned tummy!!

alyson says:

Well in the last 45 mins Ive drank lots of water worked on the internet and hoped for more great results. :)

Liz Phillips says:

Of course drink water and then sit down n read a good book patiently waiting on getting my skinny on! ; )

leah capeletti says:

I make my skinny wrap time MY TIME…..usually with a nap-tee hee!!

Sanra Halbrook says:

During my next wrap, I will be drinking my water while making my Dream Board, just signed my first DT, I am so motivated!!!

Valerie says:

I would put on Dancing Shoes and Party like a Rock Star.

teah says:

I went and bought a new computer and drank lots of water!

deidra says:

do my normal every day house work and chasing after a 2 year old toddler.

deidra says:

i will also do Zumba :) and rake all the leaves that seems to continue to wander inmy garden.

Jenny Walsh says:

I’m going to work ony legs!

Sofia says:

I put my 2 year old and 7 month old down for naps and like to lay down in my living room under my ceiling fan watch it turn and enjoy silence!! haha 😀

Aron Terrell says:

I drink a couple bottles of water and read!!!

latisha berry says:

with my 45 mins i will do chores and prepare dinner…oh and wait for my amazing results!!!

Katrina Carter says:

Next time I put on a Skinny Wrap I’m going to Make a Green and Black TUTU for Conference in Tampa!!!! :)

Jennah Kester says:

With 45 minutes I would do a facial, drink lots of water, eat pineapple and take deep breaths :)

Ronie Montgomery says:

I would do my normal cleaning around the house and maybe dance a lit to.

Kimmy Livingston says:

I like to search Pinterest for new low-fat recipes! :)